qdb-fsck - initialise or update CPAN's update history


  Usage: qdb-fsck [-vqdTfhirsD] [-C [1⟧ [-m max] [-c conf]
  option v : be verbose
  option q : be quiet
  option d : show debug info
  option T : show trace info
  option f : action ; otherwise dry-run ; implies "-C 1"
  option h : show help ; exit
  option i : show meta data ; exit ;
  option r : get events from RECENT-files ; default : /path/to/cpan
  option s : send events to server instead of the database
  option m : use $max paralel finds ; default 10
  option D : delete all events ; increment meta.scheme ; exit
  option C : read/write the find-list cache /tmp/FIND.cpan
             -C   : read the cache
             -C 1 : write the cache
  option c : use config $conf ; default [ qdb.conf, /etc/qdb/conf ]


With qdb, CPAN's update history is maintained in a database containing tuples (events) :

  ⟦ id, type, path, time ⟧

Program qdb-fsck initialises and/or updates the database.

To create/initialise a root database :

To create/initialise a downstream database, just run

  % qdb-fsck -r -f

This will insert (only) the last event found in the RECENT-files.



be quiet ; only errors


be verbose ; show all actions


show debug info ; internals


trace ; show all debug info


show help ; exit


show meta data ; exit


get fresh events from RECENT-files ; default : search /path/to/cpan


send events to the server instead of the database

-m $max

when inspecting path/to/CPAN, use $max paralel finds ; default 10


use config file ; default : qdb.conf, /etc/qdb/conf


See qdb.


  /etc/qdb/conf      qdb-configuration
  /var/qdb/data.lite sqlite database with event-history and meta-data


qdb, qdb-send


You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl 5.10.0 README file.


qdb-fsck © 2015-2017 Henk P. Penning - All rights reserved ; qdb-0.04-p12 - Thu Jan 5 12:58:15 2017