USA Used Gear Price List


This list represents asking prices on used synth and recording gear taken from and It is meant as a guide for buyers and sellers. Do not send mail asking who wants $XX for YY - I don't save the messages. The equipment probably isn't even for sale anymore. Note that these are asking prices, not selling prices. Neither my employer nor I accept liability for actions based on this list nor for errors in this list. This list is not sanctioned by my employer nor any governing body. I reserve the right to include or exclude any offers that I choose. This list is Copyright 1995 Aaron Oppenheimer and is provided as a service to the internet community. The list may be freely distributed and posted on other computer systems, provided that this introductory section is included intact.


The equipment is listed alphabetically by manufacturer. Prices are organized by date. The most recent price is listed first, along with the date I saw it posted. To the right are older prices, in order (most recent first). The last price (which is the first one I saw) also has its date.

Foobar Co. Synth 123            $XXX    (yy/yy/yy)      $qqq,$eee(rr/rr/rr)
$XXX (yy/yy/yy) - most recent asking price and date
$qqq - an older asking price
$eee(rr/rr/rr) - first asking price I saw and its date

All prices are in U.S. Dollars

Any price with an 'r' after it is a reduction; that is, the posting indicated that this price was reduced from some previous higher price. A 'p' indicates that this is an actual selling price.

A '!' indicates that this price and previous prices for this item were posted in 1994.

Note to Sellers

Please put FOR SALE (or FS) in the subject of your messages, so I can more easily find postings. In fact, I'd like to push for a standard subject along the lines of:
     FS: (manufacturer) (model) - ($Price)
Please do this, especially if you're only selling one item!

Make sure to note whether your device is a synth or effects or whatever. If the equipment for sale has already been posted, please note that so I don't enter it twice. Thanks!

Policy on commercial postings

Late in 1994, I posted a request for opinions on whether or not to include offers from obviously commercial net citizens in this list. The responses were split about 50/50.

However, I've decided that these offers are as valid as any other, and so I will be including them in the list.

Please send corrections, etc to

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The List

The Entire List

Because the list is now pretty big, it has also been split alphabetically into the following parts:

360 Systems Midi ptchby !$100 (12/20/94) $400,$150,$180(7/15/94)
Fostex R-8 8trk $1150 (3/22/95) $1000,$350(1/3/95)
First Part of List

Fostex RD-8 8trk $2895 (4/20/95) $2895(4/11/95)
Roland MC-202 $250 (1/23/95) !$300,$350,$350(5/20/94)
Second Part of List

Roland MC-50 seq $200 (4/19/95) !$450,$300,$400(11/3/94)
Yamaha TG33 synth mod $495 (2/13/95) !$275,$275,$275,$275,$325,$240,$150,$250,$325,$325(2/24/94)
Third Part of List

Yamaha TG500 mod $600 (2/8/95) $750,!$800,$800(4/25/94)
Zoom 9120 efx $300 (3/20/95) !$300,$300,$299(6/15/94
Fourth Part of List