USA New Gear Price List

The USA New Gear Price List is a compilation of market prices for electronic music and pro audio equipment. One can use this list to eliminate some of the guesswork when buying gear.

This list succeeds only through the voluntary submission of gear prices by USENET/WWW readers such as yourself. Whenever you are shopping for electronic music or pro audio gear, or browsing a catalog, or are quoted a price over the phone, whether 'sale' price or not, send it to me for inclusion in this list. If your WWW browser supports the HTML 'mailto' function, then simply double click on this address to send your price submissions: Otherwise, crank up the mailer by hand and send in those quotes.

The USA New Gear Price List is maintained by Casey Palowitch. I can be contacted via e-mail at
Special thanks goes out to Larry Larraga for the foresight to save all the equipment reviews from USENET and other sources that make up the majority of the hypertext links.
Revision date: May 10, 1995.

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  1. Philosophy and Ground Rules
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  3. Important Notes and Disclaimer
  4. Keyboards, controllers, MIDI modules, Drum machines
  5. MIDI Interfaces, Patchbays, Synchronizers, Timecoders, Tuners
  6. Recording and Signal Processing Devices
  7. Sound Pickup, Reinforcement and Amplification
  8. Computer cards, Music-related internals, Packages
  9. Hard Disks, RAM
  10. Power, UPS, Line Conditioners
  11. Dealer Codes

Philosophy and Ground Rules:

This USA New Gear Price List is now over a year old, and thanks to the input of the USENET readers, has grown to be a useful resource for the Internet music community. Let me thank everyone for their participation and welcome the participation of those who are now accessing the list via World Wide Web. We have collectively enabled ourselves to be better consumers both for our own benefit and for the better working of the gear market.

The goal of the USA New Gear Price List is to provide a facility for the sharing of price information for new e-music, pro audio, and recording equipment, excluding software. The assumptions underlying this effort are based in free market economics; that the best and most efficient operation of a market is through free and open information about price, demand, and supply of goods. The best way to maximize consumer benefit is to share price information, which gives consumers a more true picture of the relative values and costs of goods. Essentially this list is consumer-oriented market research. Using the collective intelligence of USENET, an approximation of a 'market price' for pro audio gear items can be built over time. This is certainly trying to hit a moving target, as an item's market price increases and decreases over time; with enough contributions the list can maintain currency.

This list succeeds only through the voluntary submission of gear prices by USENET readers such as yourself. Whenever anyone is quoted a price over the phone or sees a competitive price in a catalog, whether 'sale' price or not, they can send it to me and I will include it in this list. Please also include dealer name, fax, phone, 800-# if available for verification. I will not include salespersons' names, as the point of the list is to determine relative market prices for gear, not be an advertising vehicle. An intended side benefit, of course, is that readers use the information to secure low prices for themselves. Market transactions are of course a practised craft, and it is up to the consumer to use the information presented here to his/her benefit and be conscious and wary of the tactics, ethical or not, that may be used to convince him/her to pay higher prices. That said, the pro audio market is based on personal relationships between dealers and consumers, and the best prices are usually secured in this manner. However, a full knowledge of market prices is an important part of consumer research and is invaluable when approaching new types of gear and when approaching dealers for the first time.

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I will generally not include gear less than $100, nor will I automatically include all options, accessories, and configurations. Unfortunately, the list will be limited to the USA. There is at least one other list for the UK, and I encourage consumers elsewhere to do the same, as it makes for a more efficient market and greater consumer benefit. The list is not limited to a certain type of hardware; I will maintain categories for everything from synths to recording equipment. Software however is currently being listed in another FAQ. The entries in the list are tab-delineated and the tabs preserved via the HTML listing tag for easy cut and paste insertion into databases or spreadsheets. The data is as follows Brand, Model, Price (rounded to the nearest whole dollar), DealerCode (keyed to list at end) and date (Mo/Yr) of entry into the list. If there are two quotations for a given piece of gear, the second is given in the same line immediately following the first. The dealer code list is also tab-delineated, and contain the 3 letter code, the name, the telephone number(s) and where available, a fax number, prefixed with a lower-case "f", and, where available, an e-mail address for ordering.


The appearance of an item, price, and dealer name and number in no way is a guarantee that the dealer will sell the same gear at the same price to you. The dealers are listed for verification purposes. A given dealer also may not ship outside of their local area, or may not ship to your particular location. The information here is reported only, not proven to be accurate, and may be entirely incorrect. Many of the reviews that are linked via hypertext are old and outdated in many cases, and in most cases are subjective opinions and should not be construed as factual on any matter. I am in no way responsible or liable, and neither is my employer nor the network service provider, for any injury that arises from the appearance of information in this list, or for any typographical errors contained within it, or for any use of this information, by anyone at any time, on any planet.

Keyboards, controllers, MIDI modules, Drum machines

*This entry provided by John Rossi (JROSSI@NAVY.AAMRL.WPAFB.AF.MIL) as being the basis price (dealer cost) for this unit. Use this, in conjunction with an estimate for additional RAM or options to come up with what your configuration should cost.

MIDI Interfaces, Patchbays, Synchronizers, Timecoders, Tuners

Recording and Signal Processing Devices

Sound Pickup, Reinforcement and Amplification

Computer cards, Music-related internals, Packages, Expansion ROMS

Hard Disks, RAM

Power, UPS, Line Conditioners, Cases, Stands

Dealer Codes

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